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One can only love the Holy One, blessed is He, through the knowledge of Him. This love is commensurate to one's knowledge. If the knowledge is little, the love will be little; and if the knowledge is great, the love will be great. Thus, it is imperative for a person to dedicate himself to understand and contemplate the wisdom and knowledge that inform him of his Creator. -Maimonides (Hil. Teshuva 10:6)

Be An Emissary of HaShem!

It is imperative that every Jew know that he is an emissary of the Master of all, charged with the mission - wherever he may be of bringing into reality HaShem's will and intention in creating the universe, namely, to illuminate the world with the light of Torah and the service of HaShem. This is done through performing practical mitzvot and implanting in oneself fine character traits. -The Lubavitcher Rebbe (Hayom Yom 7 Adar I)

The Key to Chassidus

The Gate of Unity - Shaar HaYichud

An audio class on Shaar HaYichud - The Gate of Unity of the Mittler Rebbe

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Hashem's Presence

One should always set HaShem before him, realizing and never forgetting that it is quite impossible not to be before HaShem. This is simply as the name HaShem implies – the “Always Present” who always is, was and will be. The True Being that – אין עוד מלבדו – “There is nothing in addition to Him”. Nothing is independent of His being. Where there is being HaShem is, otherwise it could not be.

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